Hybrid WAN

Increase network uptime and cut your WAN costs.

Hybrid WAN is more reliable and more cost-effective than single-vendor MPLS. VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud™ capitalizes on the Hybrid approach to enable faster WAN deployments, up to 85 percent cost reduction and 30 to 90 times increase in bandwidth per dollar. Learn more in our “Taking Hybrid WANs to SD-WAN” white paper:

Benefits of Hybrid WAN

Hybrid WAN – a mix of public Internet with private circuits for enterprise WAN transport – gives organizations more network uptime while cutting the costs of the traditional, MPLS-driven WAN.

Enterprise-grade Performance

We enable the use of the Internet along with private circuits, in a hybrid WAN. Dynamic multi-path optimization technology brings enterprise grade performance and availability, as well as visibility and control to commodity broadband Internet bandwidth.

Rapid Branch Deployment

We deliver this new optimization, along with all other branch services, in a single cloud services Edge appliance at the branch. Virtualized services remotely provisioned to this Edge simplifies and speeds up branch deployment versus a stack of hardware appliances

Cost-effective Delivery Model

Distributed cloud gateways — as a service — eliminate costly and complex to install datacenter gear. This distributed network also provides automatic scaling and redundancy difficult for on-premise networks to achieve.

Hybrid WAN with VMware SD-WAN

Use wired or wireless broadband Internet with traditional MPLS to create unified world class wide area networks for enterprises and service providers.



Begin quotation Hybrid will be the new normal for
next generation enterprise WAN.End quotation

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