Creating an RFI for SD-WAN

Tough questions for potential SD-WAN vendors.

Analyst Webinar
with Networking Expert Dr. Jim Metzler


You’ve studied, researched and learned a lot about SD-WAN. Now it is time to put the vendors to the test and find out how their SD-WAN solution will really solve your problems.

Join us as Jim Metzler, analyst, researcher and founder at Ashton, Metzler & Associates, shares the tools, templates, and information you’ll want to include when you issue an RFI (request for information) to SD-WAN vendors. He discusses the architectural alternatives for implementing SD-WAN along with sharing his research and trends in wide area networking.

Dr. Jim Metzler
Dr. Jim Metzler
Co-founder and Principal Analyst,
Ashton, Metzler & Associates

Dr. Jim Metzler is a co-founder and principal analyst at Ashton, Metzler & Associates, an industry leading consulting group focused on assisting organizations improve their performance by leveraging Information Technology and Human Talent for Success.

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