SD-WAN Economics 101

Review of the key financial benefits of Software-Defined WAN.

Analyst Webinar (60 min)
with Dan Conde, Analyst, ESG


Enterprises are seeking to understand the financial benefits of SD-WAN as this new technology continues to grow. Dan Conde, industry analyst at ESG Research, has spent several months researching how SD-WAN is modernizing wide area networks while delivering substantial cost savings.

Join Dan Conde in this webinar to gain a better understanding of the key elements of SD-WAN that deliver performance, simplicity, and optimal access to on-premise applications and cloud services. Dan will examine the components of SD-WAN and provide a review of the key financial benefits, basic cost savings and the hidden operational benefits that SD-WAN brings to businesses.

Dan Conde
Dan Conde
Analyst, ESG Research

Dan is an analyst covering enterprise networking technologies including software-defined networking, network virtualization, data center and campus networking, WAN optimization, network monitoring & management and storage networking. His experience in product management, marketing, professional services and software development provide a broad view into the needs of vendors and end-users.

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