Scaling Enterprise SD-WAN Deployments

Fortune 500 customers share use cases!

Analyst Webinar (60 min)
With and Lee Doyle,
Principal Analyst at Doyle Research

Go Big

Initial SD-WAN deployments have demonstrated significant value in terms of improved network performance, security, and ease of operations. Organizations with large numbers of distributed branch operations, including financial services and retail firms, have unique requirements to scale their SD-WAN deployments.

This webinar will discuss the benefits of SD-WAN and how large, distributed organizations (those with over 1,000 branches) are implementing SD-WAN to improve their IT operations. Key Enterprise SD-WAN requirements include:

  • Scalability
  • Zero Touch Deployment
  • Centralized operations and management
  • Visibility and analytics
  • Security

Lee Doyle of Doyle Research will provide specific examples of enterprise scale SD-WAN and provide recommendations for IT executives whose organizations depend on high quality branch connectivity.

Lee Doyle
Lee Doyle
Principal Analyst at Doyle Research

Lee Doyle is Principal Analyst at Doyle Research. He has over 25 years’ experience analyzing the IT, network, and telecom markets. Previously, Lee was Group VP for Network, Telecom, and Security research at IDC.

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