Making It All Work Together with SD-WAN, SDN, NFV, VNF

Clearing the confusion of emerging technologies and the cloud and how it effects your network.

Recorded Webinar (56 min)
with Steve Woo, Co-founder &
VP of Product Marketing


With the cloud movement picking up speed, new technologies are continuously emerging to enable businesses with networks of all sizes to take advantage of the benefits the cloud offers. For those looking to make a strategic decision, the list of acronyms can be daunting and confusing: SD-WAN, SDN, NFV, VNF. But it isn’t a matter of making a choice among these options - instead, the strategy should turn to figuring out which to use and how they can work together to deliver a scalable, high-performance, and secure network.

In this webinar, you’ll walk away knowing:

  • The roles of SDN, SD-WAN, and NFV in the branch office and the data center
  • How SDN is applied to the WAN in the form of SD-WAN
  • Whether SD-WAN and NFV are the same, complementary, or alternatives to each other

In addition, the webinar will present real-world use cases for NFV and VNFs as well as how large enterprises, medium enterprises and service providers are deploying the services in their own environments.

Steve Woo
Steve Woo
Co-founder and VP of Products, VeloCloud

Steve co-founded VeloCloud and leads product and marketing strategy. Prior, he led the cloud strategy at Aerohive Networks after it acquired Pareto Networks, a cloud-based networking innovator, where he was VP of Product Management. Steve also spent time as VP of Product Management at McAfee, where he led the development of a next generation firewall after McAfee acquired Secure Computing / Securify where he was VP of Products. Steve worked for Cisco Systems twice, after acquisitions of two companies where he was an executive (Riverhead Networks and Class Data Systems) that resulted in 50x return on investment to investors. Early in his career he worked at SynOptics Communications / Bay Networks where his product line generated $1.7 billion of cumulative revenue, and he also spent time at McKinsey & Company. Steve has an MBA and MSEE from Stanford, and a BSEE from Cornell.

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