DIY vs. Managed SD-WAN: Large Customer Deployments

Which SD-WAN deployment strategy is best for you?

Recorded Webinar (60 min)
With Steve Woo, Co-founder and VP of Product Marketing


Software-defined networking has transformed data center networks and given us a taste of the greater flexibility, performance and potential savings in the move from fixed to agile networks.

With a large number of of widely distributed sites or branches, a vast mix of vendors and deployed network equipment, decades of legacy platforms, and varying service quality over networks assembled from unpredictable connections, the traditional WAN infrastructure poses many challenges that can benefit even more so from the promise of SD-WAN.

The pressure for a software defined WAN has also increased due to the shift to cloud computing. That’s where SD-WAN steps in to solve common issues, offering a wide range of benefits for your large organization. These range from equipment and circuit cost savings, to increased security and agility, to support for strategic business and architectural initiatives.

As you consider available solutions, implementation partners and deployment architectures, the big question is whether to “Do It Yourself” or choose a “Managed SD-WAN.” This is not necessarily the same as choosing between an on-premises solution versus a solution with components hosted in the cloud.

In this webinar, we’ll examine:

  • The various flavors of managed SD-WAN deployments: on-premises, cloud hosted or integrated with provider networks.
  • What are the relevant decision criteria for choosing one approach versus another?
  • Which deployment better supports the move to public cloud infrastructures and software as a service?
  • How to choose which solution is right for your business.

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