VMware SD-WAN™ by VeloCloud Videos®

SD-WAN Security Integration: Control & Management for a Bulletproof Network

45:48 MIN

Security is of the upmost importance to organizations everywhere. A breach can have a detrimental and long-lasting effect. For instance, 89 percent of security breaches are driven by financial breaches or espionage; current security solutions for a branch are not scalable, and businesses are falling behind; and half of companies say they have been hit by malware, while the half don't yet know that they have. VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud offers a robust, flexible infrastructure that enables best-of-breed security for branches in a simple, secure, and scalable manner.

This session will discuss the range of options in securing an SD-WAN environment. Whether your business policy demands backhauling traffic to the data center, enabling access to cloud applications, or using VNF-based services, VMware SD-WAN has a solution ideal for you.