Windstream Introduces VeloCloud Powered SD-WAN Solution

By Sanjay Uppal
VP and GM of VeloCloud by VMware
January 18, 2017

Today Windstream, a FORTUNE 500 Company,  announced the launch of their SD-WAN service for businesses nationwide. I am thrilled that after a windstream-logorigorous selection process they picked VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN as the product powering their service.

While this further strengthens our position that “The Cloud Is The Network” it also underscores the fact that selecting the right architecture is essential for the short term ROI opportunity and also for the long term service expansion in the years ahead.

Windstream has a unique position in the market and they are customizing their SD-WAN to exploit that position. They have significant strengths in the enterprise segment and aspire to be the strategic network and communication solution partner to the mid market. They offer a network integrated solution for both connectivity and collaboration services. In fact, the majority of their early traction (70%) is customers who will purchase SD-WAN and the UCaaS service that runs on the SD-WAN.

Windstream also excels on customer service. VeloCloud’s simplicity, focus on automation and increased visibility on applications, performance and security ties directly into Windstream’s customer service strengths.

Congratulations to Windstream on their SD-WAN solution launch!

And as always, VeloCloud is grateful for all for your support as we lead the charge on the SD-WAN deployments for Enterprises and Service Providers.

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