What do VPC and Online Banking have in common?

By Kangwarn Chinthammit
Director of Solutions, VeloCloud
December 2, 2015

For some time, I have been very frustrated with my online banking accounts – checking, saving, 401Ks, mortgage, investment, credit cards, etc. All these accounts have different logins and passwords. Often times I forget the credentials or even the account itself. Some accounts have mobile app, some don’t. But I found that moving to financial account management service like mint.com saves me from going insane and makes it very efficient to manage all these accounts from a single pane of glass with a consistent experience. It works from any device. Even better, it tells me when my next bill is due!

I was recently at the ONUG Fall 2015 conference, and one of the key themes was the ability to connect to a virtual data center. Basically, enterprises are looking to increase the adoption of IaaS like Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or Azure to run their workloads. Many enterprises we spoke to are already in various stages of deploying VPCs. This trend gives rise to the question of how is SD-WAN related to VPC, or what are the challenges of using VPCs and how does SD-WAN help?

When enterprises start with one VPC, it is as easy as building an IPSec tunnel from the enterprise data center to the VPC. Traffic destined for the VPC is backhauled through the data center. However, as enterprises increase the VPC adoption, connecting to multiple VPCs will become fairly complex. Enterprises may have VPCs deployed in multiple locations, and backhauling the VPC traffic to a data center no longer makes sense as it is inefficient and introduces unnecessary latency. Enterprises start building direct IPSec tunnels from some branches to the closest VPCs, and end up with partial mesh IPSec tunnels to manage, along with paying the per-tunnel charge (for example, AWS VPC charges every tunnel connected to its VPC). In addition, Internet congestion severely impacts the performance of the applications and, consequently, the end user experience.

Just as mint.com significantly reduces the complexity of managing multiple online accounts, we believe the VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN solution can greatly simplify connecting your branches to VPCs. Redundant IPSec tunnels are automatically built from the closest VeloCloud Gateways to the VPC with a couple of mouse clicks. VeloCloud Gateways are deployed at top tier cloud data centers around the world. Once the IPSec tunnels are established, VeloCloud Edges at the branches are automatically notified to build overlay tunnels to the VeloCloud Gateway, giving all branches instant access to the VPC. Enterprises can enforce access control and manage all the connections from a centralized policy through the VeloCloud Orchestrator. The VeloCloud Orchestrator also monitors all the VPCs and alerts the IT admin if connectivity to any VPC is down. In addition, VeloCloud Dynamic Multipath Optimization assures the application performance going over the top of Internet.

Here’s a one minute video of our demonstration at ONUG Fall 2015 where we showed how simple it is to connect and manage all your branches’ connections to one or more VPCs.

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