VMware Announces Intent to Acquire VeloCloud Networks

By Sanjay Uppal
VP and GM of VeloCloud by VMware
November 5, 2017

Five years ago, we set out to build a networking company from the ground up with the vision to reinvent WAN by making the Internet work better and leveraging cloud and virtualization. On November 2, it was announced that VeloCloud has agreed to be acquired by VMware.

Thank you all for the positive wImage_VMware_AcquisitionScreenshotishes; we sincerely appreciate your greetings. However, for those who said “you made it,” I just wanted to reiterate what I told my team – this is just a pit stop, it is not the finish line.

At this well-appointed pit stop we are getting a bigger engine, a fresh set of tires, more gas and a much larger team of like-minded folks who are rooting and planning and working for our continued success.

The reason for the pit stop is that it is not often that network infrastructure gets a complete makeover. But now is one of those moments when the cloud and virtualization are disrupting both existing on-premises technology and existing box-selling business models. We could not think of a better company to partner with than VMware, both from a strategy and culture perspective. And we are glad that the feeling is mutual as expressed eloquently on the blogs and tweets from Shekar, Rajiv, Jeff, Milin and Pat. And we are glad to be a part of the bigger Dell/EMC family as well!

Thanks to our loyal customers, partners and investors, VeloCloud delivered on the promise of simplicity and automation while providing a compelling ROI.  You’ve helped us disrupt an entrenched market since our launch, connect thousands of customers and tens of thousands of end points, and in the past few years, cement our position as the market leader in SD-WAN solutions.

While this may be a cliché, at the end it really is about the people. I have been fortunate enough to work with my buddy and classmate, Ajit Mayya, and my other co-founder, Steve Woo. And an incredible team of VeloCloudians from all parts of the world with the most diverse set of interests you can imagine. I salute each and every one of you for being there to share in this journey. You all really tie the place together.

Now lest we get carried away, we are still weeks-months from close, and there is much SD-WAN business to be won and deployed in that interim!


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