VeloCloud Passes ONUG Top Ten SD-WAN Use Cases

By Steve Woo
Co-Founder and Vice President of Products, VeloCloud
May 12, 2015

Today, we announced on stage at the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) in NYC our successful completion of ONUG’s first SD-WAN Top Ten IT requirements validation tests.  This demonstrates our solution’s alignment with the needs that IT has for improving the performance, agility and economics of their WANs and access to both enterprise and cloud applications.

VeloCloud Passes All Top Ten Requirements

VeloCloud’s successful passing of all of the top ten requirements for SD-WAN should give organizations the confidence to adopt SD-WAN solutions in their network deployments, a shared goal of VeloCloud and ONUG. The top ten requirements and business benefits are summarized below or can be downloaded in PDF format:

Requirement Test Result Business Benefit
Public and Private Active-Active
  • Enables addition of cost effective public links into enterprise WANs
  • Improves utilization of all available capacity
Physical or Virtual CPE
  • Provides flexibility and ease of deployment both on-premise and hosted in the cloud
App and Performance Aware Dynamic Traffic Eng
  • Assures application access and performance during WAN brownout conditions with no session drops.
Security and Business policies
  • Assures critical applications receive priority, as well as secure transit, during congestion.
Highly Available & Resilient WAN
  • Assures sub-second link failover during blackout conditions
L2 and L3 Interoperability
  • Enables incremental deployment with easy interoperability with existing switches and routers.
Dashboard Reporting
  • Simplifies operations with enterprise wide status for sites, applications and VPN tunnels
Open API
  • Supports integration with existing management via published APIs
Zero Touch Deployment
  • Eases deployment with minimal to no reconfiguration of existing devices
  • Meets compliance requirements with secure devices

VeloCloud Exceeds Key IT Requirements

Additionally, VeloCloud’s solution offers key advantages that maximize the benefits enterprises receive in these different use cases. For example:

  • Application aware dynamic traffic engineering:
    VeloCloud’s per packet steering technology achieves steering around circuit performance brownouts with absolutely no resets nor interruptions to existing application session flows. Additionally, our dynamic performance measurements are specific to each flow direction for more granular steering and capacity utilization decisions.
  • Physical or virtual form factors:
    VeloCloud solution is available both as optimized appliances for simplicity of deployment in remote sites, and as virtual or software appliances for remote download and leveraging commodity hardware. Additionally, the datacenter deployment is also available as a network-as-a-service optimal for cloud datacenter scenarios.
  • Zero touch deployment:
    Our branch activation with call-home to cloud Orchestrator along with optimized physical appliance design achieves true zero IT touch deployment at the branch. Hub or datacenter functionality is also available as cloud hosted multi-tenant gateways optimal for easy access to cloud datacenters and SaaS. This option also enables easy interoperability with enterprise datacenters without requirement either appliance nor software installations. The cloud VPN can be connected once to existing datacenter VPN routers with interoperable, secure tunnels, and then all branch adds/moves/changes are single-click without requiring branch by branch updates to the datacenter configurations.

VeloCloud Benefits Extend to Internet Only Branches

The ONUG top ten requirement of “public and private active-active” covered a hybrid branch with one private circuit and one public Internet/broadband circuit. VeloCloud’s solution further supports increasing market requirements for Internet only branches, whether one or multiple Internet/broadband links. For dual Internet branches, VeloCloud’s unique per packet steering with on-demand mitigation can maintain application performance and session continuity even across two unpredictable links with varying performance brownout conditions.

See our Internet Quality Report blog for more information on these results.

VeloCloud Supports Additional IT Requirements

VeloCloud’s solution also supports additional use case requirements that enterprises and service providers may have, providing for a very scalable SD-WAN solution. Some of these key use cases, that VeloCloud will be demonstrating at ONUG include:

  • Optimizing access to cloud datacenters and SaaS, as well as enterprise datacenters, with cloud deployed gateways
  • Enabling service provider delivery of an SD-WAN solution with multi-tenant Gateways and Orchestrator
  • Leveraging third party network services either in the branch or in the cloud with one-click services insertion. With a single-click, application aware policies can forward traffic to cloud based services or to centralized services in enterprise hub sites. Additional branch services can be remotely activated on the branch CPE.

VeloCloud looks forward to further developing and sharing how SD-WAN can meet IT’s requirements for the enterprise WAN.

For a detailed description of all test results, download the whitepaper.

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