VeloCloud Internet Quality Report

By Kangwarn Chinthammit
Director of Solutions, VeloCloud
February 25, 2015

Internet as WAN? Viable Alternative to MPLS?
Absolutely, with SD-WAN.

Download: VeloCloud Internet Quality Report.

As more and more enterprises move to, or adopt cloud based services to take advantage of their massive scale, flexibility and agility, they increase their reliance on using the Internet to carry business applications. In other words, the Internet is becoming an extended part of the enterprise WAN.

But that raises another question…how good or bad are Internet links if enterprises were to use it to access their applications in the cloud? Helping IT decision makers with the answer to that question is the purpose of VeloCloud’s Internet Quality Report. As a result of VeloCloud analytics of the Internet over 2H-2014, we released the first edition of our Internet Quality Report in the last week of January.

Our Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN continuously monitors all our enterprise customers’ WAN links to both dynamically steer around and remediate glitches that can affect application performance. VeloCloud Edges deployed at enterprise branches and VeloCloud Gateways hosted at the major Internet POPs provide a network of sensors. We took advantage of the analytics data collected by VeloCloud SD-WAN deployment, which had more than 6 million records across more than 200 links covering 50 cities and 50 ISPs.This gives us a unique vantage point for tracking the performance that various Internet links deliver for accessing cloud applications. VeloCloud continuously measure these links for their Quality of Experience (QoE) for voice, video, and transactional applications, and dynamically react to the change to maintain application performance. At the same time, they report the QoE data to the IT admins so that they are aware of any potential network issues and the impact to applications.

Using our grading system of QoE, or in other words, the ability of these Internet links to deliver sufficient performance for real-time applications such as voice, the result was not surprising, but the magnitude was eye opening. The Internet links, during local work hours, cannot deliver the performance and reliability expected 25% of the time.

Enterprise-Grade-Application_thumbAs expected there were variations of performance across the different links types.Ethernet/Fiber delivered better performance but still not good enough for a true enterprise grade WAN.

The more surprising result was the level of unpredictability we saw across different ISPs, locations, or even time periods. Here are some of the surprises:

    • The level of variation is very large for different ISPs even for the same link type (close to 50 percentage points difference)
    • For the same ISP, very large variation (close to 30 percentage points difference) occurred across different cities
    • Performance of the same location and ISP varied week to week (up to 50 percentage points from good to bad weeks)
    • Throwing more bandwidth at the link will not make it deliver better and more predictable performance

OK, so can I or can I not use Internet as a WAN? We hate to say this but it depends…

Using the same investment advice we have been hearing from pros for ages, you need to diversify to reduce risk. The important piece of data we found was when you have more than one link, the likelihood of concurrent performance problems is 60% less than having problems with any one link, and when it happens the problems are correctable with the right technology.



That is why VeloCloud customers can enjoy the benefit of Internet as enterprise WAN while not compromising on performance, and in some case completely eliminate MPLS. Why, because by applying the same principle of investment diversification to utilize multiple diverse links with VeloCloud’s ability of sub-second app steering to put the packets of the critical flows on the right path at the right time, we can steer the important applications away from problems and onto the best performing links. And for glitches that cannot be avoided our on-demand link remediation technique takes care of mitigating problems of packet loss and jitter. The end result is a true enterprise class Internet as a WAN that delivers >99% of the time performance and reliability needed by real time applications.

For more information on how we do it, browse our Product, Services and WAN-Reinvented pages or see our Networking Field Day 9 demo.

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