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The Case for Leveraging SD-WAN to Enable Better Healthcare and Wellness Programs

By Rosa Lear
Director of Marketing, Content
September 19, 2017

The healthcare industry has evolved significantly in the last few decades. We now have much more information on what causes disease and how to identify a plethora of illnesses than ever before and providing assessment and diagnostic services to the general population becomes more and more complex. Technology quickly becomes an enabler of the health industry, allowing for connections between healthcare facilities, providing for the fast transmission and delivery of medical information, and allowing for doctors to connect to patients in easier ways. Telehealth (a HIPAA compliant telecommunications systems) has evolved to simplify a faster and more efficient way to…

Architecture Matters – With SD-WAN, it’s So Much Simpler!

By Michael Wood
Vice President of Marketing, VeloCloud
July 25, 2016

Years ago a colleague developed UC features for an airline call center and they didn’t want the phones to ring—no, they said quite confidently, just make it dead simple and have the software auto-answer the next call immediately when the previous one disconnects. A ringing call wastes the customer’s and the agent’s time. Shaving just a few seconds off each call compounded into literally annual savings of millions for the airline. So what’s with all this fuss about SD-WAN architecture? You really want it just to be quicker, easier, simpler, less headache, no truck rolls. No logging individually into thousands…

Internet Quality Report – What Changed after 3 Months?

By Kangwarn Chinthammit
Director of Solutions, VeloCloud
May 28, 2015

Earlier this year, we published our first release of VeloCloud Internet Quality Report. This report provides insight into the Internet performance during 2H/2014 and its impact to the applications and user experience. We found the Internet performance was unpredictable and could not provide consistent quality of experience demanded by enterprises. However, using the SD-WAN technology such as one provided by VeloCloud can overcome the Internet unpredictability, make Internet an enterprise-grade WAN, and provide enterprises with cost effective, reliable, high performance WAN. We recently updated the report with Q1/2015 data and presented the findings during our Webinar. Here are the highlights: The percentage of time that the…

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