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Segmenting Network Traffic Intelligently and Automatically with an Outcome-Driven Approach

By Rachna Srivastava
Director of Product Marketing, VeloCloud
December 5, 2017

In the last ten years, the profile of what network traffic looks like has completely changed from the ten years before that. The internet of things (IoT), the variance and number of connected devices, video, images, voice, credit card data and payments processing, wifi, and much more has changed the requirements of what networks must support today. To add to the wide variation in what traverses the network in any given second of any day is the general importance of all of this traffic. It is not all the same and cannot be treated as such. But in many instances,…

Using SD-WAN to Fuel a White Glove Retail Experience with Brooks Brothers

By Rosa Lear
Director of Marketing, Content
October 19, 2017

As a retail organization focused on delivering white glove service to its customers, maintaining network wide connectivity with continuous uptime to support transactions in-store and online, Brooks Brothers had reached a critical point where it needed to reassess whether its existing infrastructure would be able to support its increasing network demands and future growth. The dependence on an MPLS infrastructure that required both corporate offices and store locations to backhaul all transactional and internet traffic to regionally based data centers before reaching their final destinations was reducing Brooks Brothers’ ability to facilitate sales and process orders efficiently. Brooks Brothers also…

The Retail Revolution: Making The Customer Experience More Than Just a Card Swipe

By Sasha Emmerling
Senior Director of Marketing
October 18, 2017

I walked into a store the other day with the sole intention of buying a pair of shoes that I had seen in a magazine. A quick Google search told me that this particular store carried the model I wanted and those specific shoes. But when I asked the clerk if I could get them in my size, she just looked blankly at me. Luckily I had taken a screenshot of the shoes, because when I tried to look them up in my phone’s browser, there was no internet connection. I showed her the screenshot of the shoes, she tapped…

Modernizing the WAN is key for OmniChannel Retailing and In-store Experience

By Sreekanth Kannan
Director of Product Marketing, VeloCloud
January 13, 2016

Allowing customers to buy online, search complete list of product options, access online services including loyalty apps and couponing, all right in the store, is fast-becoming the expected shopping experience. This trend started with Apple Stores which seamlessly integrate elegant displays, virtual assistance and mobile (point-of-sale) checkout. I wrote about this in my previous blog as to why and how retailers are fast adopting “Apple-like” store experience to boost in-store engagements. Now, stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and other big retailers are also moving towards integrating their online channels with their physical store experience; in other words, creating an omnichannel (or…

Modern, ‘Apple-like’ Store Experience Shouldn’t Be Held Hostage by Traditional WAN

By Sreekanth Kannan
Director of Product Marketing, VeloCloud
November 18, 2015

Market traction for Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technology,  especially in the Retail segment for VeloCloud, has been phenomenal ever since we launched our products 6 quarters ago. In a recent conversation with our sales rock stars, Nacime Karami and Bob Ashmore, we compiled a list capturing reasons why a top, popular clothing retailer chose to transform their branch network with VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN. That conversation revealed how all of the modern retail store consumer experience is held hostage by the store network. Like so much else in our modern age, Retail industry is disrupting itself on a frequent basis. Of late, it’s…

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