SD-WAN for the 10,000+ Site Enterprise

By Michael Wood
Vice President of Marketing, VeloCloud
January 4, 2017

What works for a 10-site, or 100-site network is often not feasible in a really large network. Even small, straightforward activities—say, going out to a remote site to install new CPE, configuring it to become part of the network architecture, routing, policies and security measures—become arduous and enormously costly when multiplied by thousands, or tens-of-thousands.

This multiplier effect, in combination with a number of trends—centering around traffic and applications shifting to the cloud; physical things like CPE and firewalls being virtualized—complicate large network renewal decisions to evolve legacy WAN and gain the flexibility and agility needs of today’s businesses.

For large and multinational enterprises, the demands of sprawling size together with disruptive industry trends is distilled into seven very clear and very specific challenges by Mike Wood and Steve Woo in the SD-WAN for Large and Multinational Enterprises webinar. They consider each challenge and delineate how cloud-delivered SD-WAN solutions simplify and address these obstacles. The webinar is replete with real-world case studies of SD-WAN deployments in large business.

  1. Thousands of sites: Everything becomes massive and complex when multiplied by thousands. You need automation; centralized control with visual dashboards; auto-discovery; zero-touch procedures.
  2. Variety of transports: A plethora of carriers, technologies, costs, contracts, highly complex routing. You need a transport-independent overlay with flawless, enterprise-grade QoE delivered via continuous link monitoring; bandwidth measurement and discovery; per-packet steering around outages; and automatic link remediation.
  3. Many DCs including cloud: Complex management of multiple legacy and cloud data centers, security, traffic back-hauling, regulatory demands. You need virtualized, scalable, auto-load-balanced hub clusters for DC access over any link type; hosted gateways to SaaS/IaaS; hub-less designs for legacy data centers; multi-source inbound QoS.
  4. Legacy sites and equipment: Varying equipment profiles, significant prior investment, long-term carrier contracts. You need an overlay for new traffic and services; flexible last-mile/access into the private mid-mile network; multi-link, multi-transport integration.
  5. Services delivery: Increasing cloud-based services, complex service deployment, policy coordination, service delivery to branches. You need simplified, distributed security insertion, on virtualized, scalable platforms; easy integration, and guaranteed performance, with cloud-based services.
  6. Scalable security: Segmentation, VPN meshes, complexity to secure IaaS integration. You need the scalability and security of PKI, with the ease of centralized, integrated orchestration; an integrated CA; dynamic and automatic VPN tunnels including branch-to-branch; enterprise-scale network segmentation, multi-tenancy; service chain firewalling.
  7. Global locations: Varying levels of transport quality and reliability per region, limited regional IT support, region-specific regulations and compliance requirements, diverse cloud sources. You need a hybrid “regional WAN” topology; flexibility in service insertion; “regionalized” cloud access; coordination of policies.

Large enterprises face many unique challenges, and a Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN offers many unique solutions, prime among them the ease and flexibility to scale; to virtualize; to insert services; to integrate and access cloud-based management, gateway, security and application resources; to live as an overlay to your legacy WAN obviating the need to change everything, or every site, at once; to roll out, or shut down, a site without the physical presence of IT staff.

And so much more. You define a policy or application only once, then click a button and while you sit back to focus on other pressing business priorities, the SD-WAN infrastructure automatically repeats it 10,000 times. Now there is a real good multiplier effect!

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