Using SD-WAN to Fuel a White Glove Retail Experience with Brooks Brothers

By Rosa Lear
Director of Marketing, Content
October 19, 2017

As a retail organization focused on delivering white glove service to its customers, maintaining network wide connectivity with continuous uptime to support transactions in-store and online, Brooks Brothers had reached a critical point where it needed to reassess whether its existing infrastructure would be able to support its increasing network demands and future growth. The dependence on an MPLS infrastructure that required both corporate offices and store locations to backhaul all transactional and internet traffic to regionally based data centers before reaching their final destinations was reducing Brooks Brothers’ ability to facilitate sales and process orders efficiently. Brooks Brothers also found that its store locations increasingly needed to access business applications directly and the existing network T1s were not providing enough bandwidth to support that need. Logo_BrooksBrothers

To remain competitive and retain its reputation as the premier clothing line in the U.S. and increasingly so worldwide, Brooks Brothers conducted extensive research into alternatives to its existing infrastructure and ultimately decided to implement  a network transformation that would allow it to become dynamic, responsive, efficient and simplified.

The chosen solution had to fit a list of criteria:

  • Ease of deployment
  • Ease of management
  • Enable a fast turn-up time
  • Simple structure
  • Reduced configuration times
  • Could be implemented and managed with a small, in-house IT staff

Brooks Brothers’ IT staff of six people was relatively small for an organization with over 5,300 employees. Solution simplicity in terms of deployment and management was hugely important due to the small size of this team and because the long-term management of the solution would be handled in-house with third party contractors utilized for in-store, on-site installations.

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