The Retail Revolution: Making The Customer Experience More Than Just a Card Swipe

By Sasha Emmerling
Senior Director of Marketing
October 18, 2017

I walked into a store the other day with the sole intention of buying a pair of shoes that I had seen in a magazine. A quick Google search told me that this particular store carried the model I wanted and those specific shoes. But when I asked the clerk if I could get them in my size, she just looked blankly at me. Luckily I had taken a screenshot of the shoes, because when I tried to look them up in my phone’s browser, there was no internet connection. I showed her the screenshot of the shoes, she tapped some keys on a computer, talked to a co-worker in hushed tones and came back to me with the message that they didn’t have the shoes. Not in my size or any size.


Image_RetailRevolutionNot to be deterred, I asked them if they could check their inventory at other stores and order them for me and have them shipped to this store or to my house. Nope, they couldn’t. They weren’t connected to other stores or to a central inventory system. And to top that off, they were at that moment experiencing a network outage that wouldn’t even allow them to run my credit card even if they did have the shoes in stock.

I walked out disappointed, with no shoes, the store with a lost sale, and having to figure out another way to get these beautiful pieces of art on my feet. What did this store do wrong? Several things.

  1. It was connected only to its headquarters, so information about other stores and their inventory was non-existent.
  2. It lacked a “transaction-ready-at-all-times” network strategy, which was resulting in lost sales opportunities.
  3. The lack of a customer-available wireless connection was inhibiting a modern and seamless user experience.

Unfortunately, this situation is not an isolated incident. There are many retail businesses with branch locations that use legacy hardware/network connections that inhibit their ability to evolve the retail experience they offer to customers. By continuing to ignore the need for change and refuse to acquire capabilities that support this transformative Retail Revolution, non-adopters will be left behind as competitors who have transformed catapult themselves ahead.

Transforming the network sounds like a huge undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN offers a simplified and comprehensive solution for retail organizations. With SD-WAN, all retail headquarters and their remote locations are easily connected together, network speed is accelerated, bandwidth expanded, branches can talk to each other, in-store online shopping is enabled, wireless access on-site is available to all customers, and transactions can be made at any time, any where.

To support the Retail Revolution, here are various pieces of content that demonstrate the simplicity that SD-WAN offers the retail sector, the benefits that it brings, and how to simplify the migration to a platform that will enable retail for the future.

Webcast: SD-WAN: Enabling Retail Omnichannel for the Store of the Future with ZK Research

Webinar, October 24: Propel the Future of Retail with SD-WAN  REGISTER TODAY!

White Paper (by ZK Research): The Future of Retail: SD-WAN is a Critical Component

Research Brief: Deliver a World-Class Retail Experience with VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN

Press Release: VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN Enables the Retail Revolution with the Store of the Future

Case Study: Rethinking the Retail Experience – A Historic Retailer Becomes the Store of the Future

To learn more, click here.

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