Partner Spotlight: QOS Networks

By Ratnesh Sharma
AVP, Global Channels
August 29, 2017

VeloCloud’s Partner Spotlight highlights one of our partners who have embraced SD-WAN and do a fantastic job of delivering it to the market. This week, our spotlight is trained on QOS Networks.

Who is QOS Networks?

QOS NetworksFor more than a decade, QOS Networks has been helping organizations enable change and enhance businesses’ performances. It focuses on educating clients about innovative and emerging technologies, and specifically how those technologies can enable companies to be more productive and agile. The QOS Networks team works with businesses in all industries to advise, guide, and manage implementations and migrations of complex services. Whether the customer is migrating to the cloud, moving to a hybrid environment, or remaining on-site, QOS Networks has the experience of more than 2,500 successful implementations.

What are the top three challenges QOS Networks customers are facing as it relates to their WAN and application access?

  1. The top challenge is flexibility and versatility. Current choices can be costly, unreliable or underperforming and there is not a one size fits all for large companies.

  2. Secondly is visibility into application performance across the nation and not only that an efficient application based enhancement strategy to deliver a better operational experience to customers.

  3. Lastly, customers want to remove complexity. A huge challenge is the enormous complexity that goes into running a highly secure, performing a redundant network.

How does QOS Networks see SD-WAN fitting into its portfolio of offerings?

Our goal for our customers is to deliver a brilliantly simple, highly performing and reliable suite of services for an attainable cost.  SD-WAN does exactly all of this and when we bolt on our operational tools that are also built on the same methodology, customers get the freedom they are looking for at a decent price. Our differentiation is delivering value by integrating ServiceNow, security services, and other operational tools to the VeloCloud Orchestrator to accomplish process that fits great with enterprise customers.

Tell us about your SD-WAN journey and why QOS Networks partnered with VeloCloud?

We partnered with VeloCloud because of Nacime Karami, one of VeloCloud’s Regional Sales Directors. She was a big part of the confidence we put in VeloCloud and we love her. We also chose this partnership because our common executive focus on many levels. QOS Networks builds products that drive value to customers by delivering flexibility and beautiful solutions that create a network infrastructure that can be easily built to suit the needs of the CUSTOMER not the needs of a carrier, provider or aggregator. Sanjay Uppaland team are focused on changing and disrupting a market that has been static for so long. That commitment is important because we know the products have the best intentions and the common values of the teams is what we chose not a product per se. We always knew the devices and services VeloCloud put out there are a product of leadership and we are big fans.

“It all starts with a thorough understanding of your organization’s goals strategically and operationally. We don’t just bolt on services and hope they meet your needs. We know our solutions will positively improve the customer experience before implementation.”

Meet the CEO – Frank Cittadino, QOS Networks

Frank Cittadino brings the operational and technical strength to QOS Networks with extensive experience in growing teams for the world’s largest retailers. He understands that you want to enable your business for growth and with his background that involves strategy and financial operations, he is going to work to understand where your company’s core IT issues come from and ensure that the solution meets the needs of and aligns with your business strategies and goals. Prior to joining QOS Networks, Frank traveled the nation for Home Depot working on an organic growth initiative and delivering operational value in on a national scale. He was responsible for the efficient operations of various functional groups and was a part of the explosive growth of Home Depot as well as other companies in his career. In his spare time, Frank is a commercial pilot and enjoys flying and enjoying the Southern California weather. He holds a Bachelor of Finance degree from East Carolina University.

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