Partner Spotlight: Coevolve

By Rosa Lear
Director of Marketing, Content
October 25, 2017

VeloCloud’s Partner Spotlight highlights one of our partners who have embraced SD-WAN and do a fantastic job of delivering it to the market. Today our spotlight is trained on Coevolve.

Who is Coevolve?

Coevolve helps enterprises adopt next-generation technologies like SD-WAN. We set this business up because we could see a real change happening in the enterprise networking industry, and recognized there was an opportunity to be an advocate for the client that wanted to realize some of the benefits that this technology could deliver.

PartnerSpotlight_CoevolveWe were one of VeloCloud’s first global partners, and have been deploying this technology for our clients for nearly 3 years – in more than 50 countries so far. We provide professional services, and ongoing managed services in a modular way. As well as the SD-WAN layer we also offer ISP vendor management and work with partners like Zscaler and ThousandEyes to integrate these technologies into the SD-WAN environment. Our goal is to continue to provide a great experience to our clients using this technology.


What are the top three challenges Coevolve customers are facing as it relates to their WAN and application access?

  • Legacy MPLS networks are still too common, just because this was the way things were always done. This generally means long contracts, very limited options to exit, and bandwidth prices that are very far from where the market is now. This is a huge limitation for enterprises that want to adopt SaaS applications and move infrastructure to AWS or Azure; they can see the potential of using more Internet bandwidth but need a roadmap to get there
  • Clients have traditionally viewed Internet VPNs as a really inferior technology, and avoided using it for critical applications like ERP or voice / video. And when using traditional technologies they were probably right – it was very difficult to achieve the performance levels they needed. We have many clients that are looking to move away from these traditional VPNs and achieve some of the benefits that SD-WAN can offer – not just performance-related, but also some huge improvements in visibility and manageability. One of our clients transitioned from a 420-site Internet VPN, primarily because of the automation and visibility that SD-WAN can offer
  • Hybrid environment are a huge challenge for the global enterprises we work with. They want to leverage all of their capacity to access SaaS applications and other high-bandwidth requirements, but using traditional routing they often have a lot of capacity that just sits idle. We are regularly asked to develop a path to get clients away from this environment to a modern architecture where they can use all of their bandwidth, and even add diversity using 4G/LTE or other wireless services


Tell us about your SD-WAN journey and why Coevolve partnered with VeloCloud?

Our team has a strong enterprise networking background – some have worked with global service providers, some with consultants in this space, and some have experience on the client side. We know how challenging it is to deliver a great user experience for today’s application environment using traditional technologies. We could see that clients were really struggling with this using MPLS and Internet VPNs. In 2014 we started to see a really interesting change happening in the networking space – there were finally options available that could address many of the challenges associated with using the Internet as a key component in the enterprise network.

We met with the VeloCloud team and “got” the solution in about 10 minutes – it was a really natural fit for us. We could see that VeloCloud had a strong focus on making the Internet work as a viable transport option for enterprises. Path performance monitoring, link steering, these were pieces of functionality that we could see would benefit the clients we work with.  We worked hard with our first global clients to demonstrate the benefits in the real world, and since then we’ve deployed the solution to address more and more interesting use cases.


Meet the Executive – Ciaran Roche, Coevolve

I’ve spent my whole career working on global enterprise WAN solutions in a variety of roles, and most of this has focused on Internet-based solutions in the WAN. I really enjoy working with enterprises on this type of solution – it’s fundamentally different to what more traditional vendors and service providers offer, and the enterprise teams can see the benefits very quickly. It makes them look good to their teams!

I love traveling, and meeting face to face with clients is a very rewarding experience. I visit our teams in Australia and Asia about 3-4 times a year, and work with our clients all over the world. I’m originally from Ireland, but have lived in Chicago for the last 5 years with my wife and 2 kids – still getting used to the winters!


Anything else you’d like us to include (completely customizable)?

This is a pivotal time for enterprises that want to extract value from their network, and with VeloCloud we have an incredibly powerful proposition. Stuck in a legacy MPLS contract? We have experts on maximizing your contractual leverage to look at other options. Ready to implement SD-WAN? We have one of the most experienced teams in the country – we’ve learned a lot from deploying this in 50 countries with nearly 200 ISPs. And most importantly we have a full stack of capabilities we can bring to the table, including ISP management, VeloCloud SD-WAN, and over-the-top services like security and analytics that can add great value. We’re really excited about what this offering can deliver!

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