Partner Spotlight: CDK Global

By Rosa Lear
Director of Marketing, Content
October 30, 2017

VeloCloud’s Partner Spotlight highlights one of our partners who have embraced SD-WAN and do a fantastic job of delivering it to the market. This week, our spotlight is trained on CDK Global.


PartnerSpotlight_CDKGlobalCDK Global is a leading global provider of integrated IT solutions to the automotive retail industry. In fact, they’re the only IT provider that understands the unique needs of auto dealers and dealerships. With 20 years of experience in networking, they use that knowledge to build the best networking solution for each dealer.

Dealers rely on the internet more and more to complete transactions and conduct business. However, brownouts and blackouts can cause business to grind to a halt. SD-WAN solutions can help solve these problems by providing a resilient, reliable internet connection to give dealers better control over applications. Applications will run faster — and more reliably. With that in mind, CDK created CDK Cloud Connect — their first SD-WAN solution.

CDK evaluated SD-WAN technology from several technology companies and found that only VeloCloud best met their specific needs. VeloCloud’s unique capability to remediate links and quickly direct traffic — so the dealer doesn’t know anything is wrong — was something that CDK was looking for. Dealerships also require minimal to no downtime when blackouts occur.  CDK’s team found that only VeloCloud supplied sub-second failover during full outage conditions. Solution features are important; however the most important priority at CDK is effectively implementing and supporting its nearly 9000 North American customers.  So, CDK needed a comprehensive, but easy-to-use installation and support tool.  The company found that VeloCloud’s orchestrator interface minimizes dealer disruption during install and helps visualize its customer set so it’s easily serviced and supported.  The company was also impressed with VeloCloud’s responsiveness and how they constantly looked for ways to improve the solution.

Cloud Connect has been installed with great success at Damerow Ford in Beaverton, OR. Network connectivity problems had begun to slow productivity at the dealership, so they jumped at the chance to pilot Cloud Connect. Mike Egger, Damerow’s Parts Manager, explained: “We were having some issues where our systems would just hang for 10 seconds or more, which led to a lot of frustration. Cloud Connect looks for the fastest connection and automatically routes the traffic the quickest way to get to its end target — the servers.” Egger went on to say that he is “happy with the end result because the network is stable and more fluid.” “If other dealerships in our group experience the same types of issues we had before we installed the new solution, I would definitely recommend that they use Cloud Connect too,” he says.


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