One Plus One Equals Three: SD-WAN Drives Interoperability

By Parag Thakore
Director of Product Management and Marketing, VeloCloud
November 5, 2015

“In design, one plus one equals three sometimes” – Josef Albers

The Open Networking User Group (ONUG) is having its Fall 2015 conference this week at New York University’s Kimmel Center. It was six months ago that VeloCloud successfully exceeded all ten ONUG Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) tests at ONUG Spring 2015.

Over the last six months, the SD-WAN market has continued to mature. Enterprises and Service Providers – driven by the need for simplified deployments, assured application performance and security over internet or hybrid transport, for both cloud and enterprise applications – are beginning to experience real benefits by implementing SD-WAN. This is done while preserving existing investments in wide area network architectures.

The gauntlet was thrown down by IT leaders from several large enterprises for serious SD-WAN vendors to deliver again at ONUG Fall 2015. This time the ask was for SD-WAN companies to demonstrate multi-vendor interoperability.

VeloCloud and Cisco IWAN accepted the challenge and demonstrated interoperability showing all four essential use cases defined by ONUG:

  • Service Provider: Business Policy driven Rich services insertion in the Branch and in the Cloud leveraging a combination of Cisco ISR 4000 and VeloCloud Gateway.
  • Application Experience: Branch to Branch and Branch to Cloud Application performance optimization with Cisco and VeloCloud using both hybrid and Internet only transports
  • Security: Segmentation and Context aware threat defense with Snort
  • Network Connectivity: Optimizing IaaS (e.g. Azure, AWS) Connectivity with VeloCloud VNF on Cisco ISR 4000 and hosted VeloCloud Gateways

There is a lot of innovation around which is good for the entire SD-WAN community and we are looking forward to learning from other multi-vendor demonstrations during ONUG Spring 2016.

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