The Case for Leveraging SD-WAN to Enable Better Healthcare and Wellness Programs

By Rosa Lear
Director of Marketing, Content
September 19, 2017

Image_Healthcare_SDWANThe healthcare industry has evolved significantly in the last few decades. We now have much more information on what causes disease and how to identify a plethora of illnesses than ever before and providing assessment and diagnostic services to the general population becomes more and more complex.

Technology quickly becomes an enabler of the health industry, allowing for connections between healthcare facilities, providing for the fast transmission and delivery of medical information, and allowing for doctors to connect to patients in easier ways. Telehealth (a HIPAA compliant telecommunications systems) has evolved to simplify a faster and more efficient way to handle healthcare and with it has come the need for a network infrastructure that will be able to support the high demands of video and transmission of huge data files.

Saber Healthcare Group manages skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities and serves residents in over 120 facilities with cutting edge applications and services that simplify their lives by delivering top of the line care directly to their fingertips.

With most of the residents in its facilities in compromised health or not ambulatory, Saber Healthcare adopted a Telehealth platform to enable its healthcare workers and patients to quickly gain access to doctors in a virtual environment. In the case of non-emergencies, using the new platform, residents no longer have to incur stressful and long travel times to visit doctors at their offices to be evaluated and diagnosed. Skilled nurses at Saber Healthcares’ facilities can help remote doctors assess a resident’s prognosis from the comfort of the resident’s room. In addition, using the Telehealth platform, Saber Healthcare is able to reduce, and often eliminate, the need for residents to be re-admitted to hospitals, obtaining the care they require within the facility. To support the Telehealth platform, Saber Healthcare needed access to large amounts of bandwidth with non-disrupted service and optimized quality of service (QoS).  

To find out how Saber Healthcare, with help from WAN Dynamics and VeloCloud, migrated its legacy MPLS network to SD-WAN and now is better able to serve its 10,000+ residents, read the full case study or watch the webcast.


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