Internet Quality Report – What Changed after 3 Months?

By Kangwarn Chinthammit
Director of Solutions, VeloCloud
May 28, 2015

Earlier this year, we published our first release of VeloCloud Internet Quality Report. This report provides insight into the Internet performance during 2H/2014 and its impact to the applications and user experience. We found the Internet performance was unpredictable and could not provide consistent quality of experience demanded by enterprises. However, using the SD-WAN technology such as one provided by VeloCloud can overcome the Internet unpredictability, make Internet an enterprise-grade WAN, and provide enterprises with cost effective, reliable, high performance WAN.

We recently updated the report with Q1/2015 data and presented the findings during our Webinar.

Internet Quality Report 2015 Q1

Here are the highlights:

The percentage of time that the Internet cannot deliver performance required by real time applications changed from 25% in Q4/2014 to 17% in Q1/2015 (historical 6 months of data). This is a marginal improvement and is still unusable for enterprise critical applications

  • Performance of the Internet is still unpredictable across link types, ISPs, locations, and time
  • SD-WAN technology such as VeloCloud can make Internet enterprise grade >99% of the time
  • The size of the dataset has doubled from the last report while growing at 300% quarter over quarter
  • There was an increase of high quality links (fiber, DIA) in the dataset
  • Business Internet service had slightly better predictability than residential Internet service

Want to understand more about our methodologies and how we collect the data in more detail? Read the full report here.


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