George Caraker and Kennedy/Jenks – A Lifetime of Right Technology Choices

By Ravi Sharma
Director of Marketing
July 1, 2016

george-caraker-geoffrey-mooreI think it’s rare when you find someone who has an uncanny instinct for identifying and implementing new, transformative technology advances; at the right time. George Caraker, Director of IT at VeloCloud customer Kennedy/Jenks is one of those people – an “early adopter” in the truest sense of the word. While a few risk takers bet on technologies barely out of the labs, many people hop on a technology’s bandwagon after a long time. Geoffrey Moore, author of the famous book and concept, Crossing the Chasm,  classifies them as  the conservative majority, and some as laggards. But adopting technologies at the “right time” as Kennedy/Jenks does, can have a great impact on productivity, operational efficencies and competitive advantage.

It seems George Caraker has a sense for technology that transforms business.  He’s been making such choices since the 80’s for  Kennedy/Jenks.

Kennedy/Jenks Consultants provides engineering and scientific solutions for water, environmental, energy, and innovative projects to government agencies and private utilities, industry and business, federal programs, and transportation clients. The firm is employee-owned with offices throughout the United States. It provides a full range of environmental planning, science, and engineering capabilities to public and private clients across the United States.

george-caraker-awardI wonder what it takes to know the difference between a technology that can change, for the better, the way a company does business, or one that will end in a business distraction or failure. How can one tell? I mean even Warren Buffet Warren Buffet is wary about investing in technology, because he says it usually amounts to a “gamble.”  And he’s a smart dude…

But sometimes you meet someone who knows what a valuable, forward-thinking technology is and how it will impact company profitability and make them more competitive. George Caraker is one of those rare people with clarity and foresight. And his vision and track record is one of the reasons he was nominated for the Bay Area CIO Lifetime Achievement Award.

I think our disruptive, cool and transformative, might I say “visionary” networking technology, Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN, not only inspired George, but will change the way Kennedy/Jenks does business, for itself and its hundreds of customers and partners, now and in the future.

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