Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN solves off-net challenges

By Kangwarn Chinthammit
Director of Solutions, VeloCloud
November 3, 2015

Last week we wrapped up BroadSoft Connections 2015 in Phoenix. We had quite a few interesting conversations with Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) providers. This was our second year exhibiting here and the same business challenge of delivering UCaaS over Bring Your Own Broadband (BYOB) or Circuit (BYOC) is becoming even more common this year. The questions and concerns we heard from UCaaS providers were:

  • We have to turn away customers because we cannot support off-net deployment
  • We cannot support BYOB/BYOC while ensuring quality of service
  • We are getting a lot of demand to deliver our service over the Internet
  • Customers do not want to pay for an MPLS circuit to their branch office to run UC
  • When we failover to backup circuits, all of the calls are disconnected
  • We want to use customers’ backup broadband links for our UCaaS service

There are really two general problems here:

Problem 1: Delivering quality and reliable UCaaS over Internet or broadband links

Traditionally, UCaaS has always been delivered over a private circuit. When customers sign up for UCaaS, they are also asked to obtain a T1 or MPLS circuit to every branch office. This is an additional cost that customers may not always account for when considering UCaaS. They think (or hope) that moving to UCaaS means they can just use cheaper Internet links. As the customer’s adoption of Internet or broadband links for WAN connectivity increases, so does the need to deliver UCaaS services over these links.

Why is this a problem? Asking a UCaaS provider to deliver their service over customers’ own circuits is like asking a fine dining restaurant to pair their best meal with a bottle of wine you bring from home. It is very difficult for them to ensure quality of experience using links they have no control over, let alone being a shared link like the Internet.

Problem 2: Delivering seamless failover

To ensure uninterrupted service in case the primary link goes down, customers either have to have CPE that supports PSTN fallback and pays for PSTN links that they rarely use, or use their existing broadband as backup link. Both options can deliver business continuity but not call continuity. In either case, the active calls get disconnected and there will be downtime associated with the failover, usually minutes at minimum. The phones have to detect the outage and re-register. Depending on the type of business, those interrupted calls and associated downtime can significantly negatively impact the customer’s business.

Addressing UCaaS business challenges with Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN

UCaaS providers looking for highly resilient, high performance off-net WAN solution to deliver their service should consider Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN. We demonstrated at the BroadSoft Connections how VeloCloud assures UC quality over any circuit – Single or dual Internet/broadband, and hybrid.

During a failover, active calls stay up and the call quality is not affected during circuit brownout, packet loss, or even the loss of the primary link. VeloCloud Dynamic Multipath Optimization constantly monitors all of the WAN links in real time, and on a per-packet basis steers the critical UC flows over the best performing links. When all of the links suffer performance degradation at the same time, our on-demand remediation mitigates packet loss and jitter, and continues delivering the high quality UC experience expected by the end users.

The UCaaS providers and customers also have access to rich analytics that provide them with in-depth metrics covering application usage, link quality, quality of experience, and remote troubleshooting capability. The multi-tenant architecture of the solution enables UCaaS providers to quickly integrate, operationalize, and deliver the new classes of offerings that their customers have been asking for. As a result, UCaaS providers can turn customer requirements and business challenges into new revenue-generating opportunities.

For more information, please see our Broadsoft solution brief and the MetTel success story.


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