New & Upcoming Webinars

Upcoming Webinars

Elevate Your Network Security with VMware SD-WAN and Palo Alto Networks
Partner Webinar (60 min)
With Brian Tokuyoshi, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Palo Alto Networks

Join this webinar for an overview — and a deep dive — of an integrated approach to wide area networking that combines best-of-breed security and SD-WAN solutions.

Engineering a Better Network Solution: SD-WAN for the Win!
Partner Webinar (60 min)
With BGE, Inc. and Meriplex

In this webinar, learn how BGE implemented SD-WAN via its partner, Meriplex Communications, with business changing results.

Recent Webinars

SD-WAN: The Lynchpin in a Transforming Virtual Cloud Network
“Architecture Matters” Analyst Webinar (60 min)
With Zeus Kerravala, Principal Analyst & Founder, ZK Research

In this webinar, Zeus Kerravala of ZK Research, discusses how SD-WAN is transforming networking and enabling the adoption of Virtual Cloud Network to occur.

Unify WAN, LAN, and WLAN with Mist Systems and VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud™
“Architecture Matters” Webinar (60 min)
With Jeff Aaron, VP of Marketing, MIST

Join us for a joint webinar where the experts from Mist and VMware SD-WAN showcase the power of LAN and WAN integration to give customers unprecedented visibility into their LAN and WAN environments—from the branch to the cloud, and everywhere in between.

Why SD-WAN is the Right Prescription for Healthcare Providers
Analyst Webinar (60 min)
With Bob Laliberte, Sr. Analyst & Practice Director, Enterprise Strategy Group

Healthcare providers need to improve patient care/experience — Learn how SD-WAN can help.

Top Drivers for SD-WAN Adoption
Analyst Webinar (60 min)
With Scott Raynovich, Principal Analyst, Futuriom

Tune in as Futuriom Principal Analyst Scott Raynovich recaps the findings of its recent SD-WAN Growth Outlook, detailing what’s driving fast adoption for SD-WAN technologies.

7 Questions to Ask when Evaluating SD-WAN Solutions
“Architecture Matters” Webinar (60 min)
With Jim Metzler, Principal Analyst, Ashton, Metzler & Associates

Join us as Jim Metzler cuts through the confusion in the market by identifying 7 key questions that network organizations should ask themselves as part of evaluating SD-WAN solutions.

Building for a Better Future: Using SD-WAN to Rebuild a Business Network
Partner Webinar (60 min)
With Myron F Steves and Meriplex Communications

Join us as Myron Steves discusses how its implementation of SD-WAN transformed their entire network and prepares them for future growth.

The Network That’s Built for Tomorrow, Today
“Architecture Matters” Webinar (60 min)
With Rajiv Ramaswami, COO, Products and Cloud Services, VMware

The Virtual Cloud Network – An Exclusive Online Event. Bring your business forward with the Virtual Cloud Network!

Best Practices for Building the Commercial Case for SD-WAN
“SD-WAN How-To” Webinar (60 min)
With Coevolve

Join us for this interesting discussion on taking the next steps with your enterprise SD-WAN business case!

Solving the Secure SD-WAN Paradox
Analyst Webinar (60 Minutes)
With Dr. Jim Metzler, Principal Analyst, Ashton, Metzler & Associates, and Dhawal Sharma, Sr. Director of Product Management, Zscaler

Adopting an SD-WAN solution is the best option that network organizations have to respond to a range of requirements such as lowering cost, increasing availability and providing high quality user experiences.

The Routerless Branch: SD-WAN Takes Routing out of the Router
Analyst Webinar (60 min)
With Zeus Kerravala, Principal Analyst & Founder, ZK Research

The digital transformation is here, affecting business everywhere and requiring a retooling of legacy solutions. Networking needs to keep up but it relies on an architecture that has been in place for over three decades and that was not built to support the dramatic change.

Healthcare Embraces Digital Transformation through SD-WAN
“Architecture Matters” Webinar (60 min)

Providing care requires strict adherence to healthcare regulations and SD-WAN ensures constant network connectivity for the delivery of health records.

SD-WAN en comercio: Habilitando Seguridad y Segmentacion para la Transformacion
“Architecture Matters” Webinar (60 min)

La segmentación del tráfico asegura que los datos confidenciales y críticos para el negocio estén separados de los datos no críticos para optimizarlos y asegurarlos.