Deliver a World-Class Retail Experience

Today’s retailers are seeking new ways to provide customers with a dynamic omnichannel experience while maximizing profitability.

The retail store is not going away. It remains the indispensable channel for retailers to engage with customers and to remain competitive, retailers must provide an environment customers expect in today’s world: relevant, personalized, always on, and easily accessible. Learn how VMware NSX® SD-WAN by VeloCloud™ helps retailers shift from cost-cutting to revenue-generating activities.

The Retail Store Is Under Pressure

To connect stores, distribution centers, and online warehouses with effective omnichannel capabilities is often a struggle for retail IT professionals because of ever-increasing network complexity and sky-rocketing costs. To alleviate the pressure, retailers must make the move to the profitable Store of the Future and the network — particularly the WAN — must evolve to keep pace.

Network downtime and security breaches results in lost sales, but there are other issues that plague retail and can lead to a deteriorating customer experience.

Lack of Bandwidth

In-store bandwidth use is exploding in retail as stores put tablets, video, digital signs and other technologies to work. These advanced technologies all rely on the network.

Customer Data Protection

Securing customer data is essential for retail organizations because any breach can be a devastating blow to the retailer’s brand and value.

Lack of Guaranteed User-Experience

The inability to gain network visibility with today’s WAN also means inability to collect network statistics and determine success rates, establishing guaranteed quality of experience for users.

Management Complexity

Over time, networks become behemoths, cobbled together using various components, vendors, and connections, reducing the ability to proactively address issues.

NSX SD-WAN for the Store of the Future

NSX SD-WAN has saved retail organizations millions of dollars in capital and operating expenses. Retailers stay profitable and can focus on their core business while letting NSX SD-WAN bring in simplicity and automation to their networks.

Internet as Transport

Broadband connections can be quickly installed for a fraction of the cost of alternative transports and when incorporated into a NSX SD-WAN environment, are optimized for fast and seamless delivery.

Compliance and Security

Retailers and service providers can use NSX SD-WAN to establish their own PCI-compliant environments along with taking advantage of cloud-based solutions with VeloCloud SD-WAN. Retail IT can leverage NSX SD-WAN’s Attestation of Compliance (AOC) to greatly simplify their own PCI audit process.

Quality of Experience

In unifying all network components across all branches, NSX SD-WAN provides a centralized pane of glass perspective that displays all network metrics, allowing IT managers to monitor traffic and proactively remediate to provide an exceptional quality of experience for users.

Efficient Management

NSX SD-WAN introduces a uniformity to the network and adds visibility for every branch, enabling centralized management and control. With single touch push updates and configuration, network management is optimized and efficient.

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers Builds the Store of the Future

“With VeloCloud SD-WAN, we’re now able to extend the Brooks Brothers footprint to all geographies and do so quickly and seamlessly.”

To remain competitive and retain its reputation as the premier clothing line in the U.S. and increasingly so worldwide, Brooks Brothers knew it needed to undergo a network transformation that would allow it to become dynamic, responsive, efficient and simplified. Learn how Brooks Brothers revolutionized its network to delight its customers with a stellar experience.

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