NSX SD-WAN Ready Set GO™ for Service Providers

The program to get your NSX SD-WAN Powered Service Provider SD-WAN offer up and running in 30 days or less.

Over 50 Service Providers around the world leverage VMware NSX® SD-WAN by VeloCloud™ leadership and partnership experience by using the NSX SD-WAN Ready Set GO program to enable Service Providers to stand up an SD-WAN offer, get to market fast, and shorten the contract-to-cash period. Here’s how we can help you do that in 30 days or less.


Shorten time to market with
a clear execution strategy.

The SD-WAN market is growing exponentially. With adoption rates increasing and a large addressable market, the time to take advantage is now. NSX SD-WAN Ready Set GO gets you to market fast using NSX SD-WAN technology and infrastructure, experienced deployment team, and market expertise. 30 days is all it takes.


The right tools, the right processes, and the right architecture.

While each deployment can be slightly different, the broad experience NSX SD-WAN has gained from deploying channel partners (over 200) has helped us establish the right formula for the seamless execution of an SD-WAN strategy. We guide you through every facet of getting to market: technology and architecture, operations, sales and technical training, support, marketing, and sales.

Four Components to SD-WAN Success

NSX SD-WAN believes there are four primary components to success in the SD-WAN market and by engaging in the NSX SD-WAN Ready Set GO program, NSX SD-WAN provides you support and guidance with all four.


With NSX SD-WAN as the underlying service offering, partners are able to eliminate network challenges, customize offerings to fit the need of customers, and offer outcome-driven capabilities. NSX SD-WAN Ready Set GO provides blueprints for technology adoption and readiness, analysis of existing infrastructure, and on-going support and guidance.


In a market where offerings are becoming commoditized, SD-WAN offers the ability to differentiate from competitors. With a robust and dynamic infrastructure, service providers are able to limitlessly layer services and offer a wider array of solutions. NSX SD-WAN also offers an unprecedented level of central visibility and management that enables an amazing customer experience. NSX SD-WAN Ready Set GO gives you the tools and processes needed to enable your business for SD-WAN.

GTM / Enablement

A strong market strategy with proven tactics is critical to success, as is a well trained staff. Using NSX SD-WAN Ready Set GO, channel partners will have access to VeloCloud’s market expertise in establishing a differentiating strategy, tools and guidance for developing successful campaigns, and opportunities for message amplification. In addition, our enablement team works with both sales and technical teams to arm them with all the information they need to sell to customers and support them during the pre- and post-sales.

Logistics / Support

In addition to the proven Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN solution, NSX SD-WAN’s global logistics infrastructure and technical support is robust and expansive, including availability in over 120 countries. With NSX SD-WAN Ready Set GO, Service Providers are able to leverage these capabilities to reach customers in every geography and leverage L1 to L4 support from Day 0 until the provider staff is trained.

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