Enterprise Use Cases

Increase network uptime while cutting the costs of MPLS-driven WAN.

Hybrid WAN is more reliable and more cost-effective than single-vendor MPLS.

VMware NSX® SD-WAN by VeloCloud™ solution capitalizes on the Hybrid approach to enable faster WAN deployments, up to 85 percent cost reduction and 30 to 90 times increase in bandwidth per dollar.

Unified Communications without the complexity of a traditional WAN.

Enable high quality, low cost Unified Communications experience with SD-WAN.

The NSX SD-WAN solution enables the deployment of Unified Communications by providing ease of network configuration and control of network characteristics that affect UC performance.

Achieve PCI Compliance and protect customer data.

NSX SD-WAN provides architecture and solutions to protect customer points of sale and transaction data.

Retailers and service providers can use NSX SD-WAN to establish their own PCI-compliant environments along with taking advantage of cloud-based solutions with NSX SD-WAN.

“Results-first” approach guides automation and intelligence.

The digital transformation requires that all network activity get faster, more responsive and intelligent, and eliminate errors.

IT teams are heavily burdened by the manually intensive processes required to manage all network activities. The list of projects required by network managers to maintain status quo is often long and tedious. But Outcome-Driven Networking changes all that.

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Slash bandwidth costs and deploy 10x faster.

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