The End of WAN Trade-offs, Finally!

By Sanjay Uppal
VP and GM of VeloCloud by VMware
July 20, 2014

Today, VeloCloud launches its subscription-based WAN service for enterprises with branch offices, finally ending the unacceptable trade-offs IT has faced between private lines and public broadband Internet links.

VeloCloud’s WAN innovation is figuring out how to take advantage of all the inexpensive Internet lines readily available—but that enterprises couldn’t use for business-critical applications that require predictable bandwidth, resilience, and security.

What are the branch WAN trade-offs that IT managers face?

Until now, enterprises have had only two options for branch-office networking: exclusive use of leased private lines (T1 or, more recently, MPLS) or a mixture of leased lines and ordinary Internet links.

Data Center consolidation and branches connected solely with leased lines provide the secure, private communications needed for enterprise applications, but at a huge cost and great complexity:

  • 100x cost of bandwidth compared to consumer-grade Internet
  • Bandwidth in fixed increments charged according to capacity, not actual usage
  • Long wait times (weeks or months) to get new lines installed
  • Stacks of hardware appliances at the branch plus the data center—up to tens of thousands of dollars for even modest branches—to provide network services
  • All WAN traffic hairpinned back to the corporate data center for IT visibility and policy control
  • Lack of IT expertise at the branch, so enterprise IT must handle all issues either remotely or by traveling to the branch in person

Ordinary broadband is cheap and simple to manage, but everyone knows the Internet is neither secure nor reliable. Enterprises that take advantage of Internet lines for some of their traffic, and MPLS for business-critical applications, have to resort to fragmented management systems—and IT can’t see and control the traffic that’s routed over the Internet.

VeloCloud ends these WAN trade-offs, overcoming the aggravation and effort of branch-to-data center communications and allowing enterprise IT managers to deploy new branches with a few clicks, end constant WAN firefighting, and get their jobs done—now.

How? With a new WAN approach

VeloCloud’s subscription-based service works by dynamically steering bandwidth-hungry applications, such as voice, video, and VDI, over the best paths — moment to moment — while delivering  all needed networking services from the cloud, virtually.

VeloCloud transforms ordinary broadband Internet links into fast, resilient, and secure connections, while eliminating the need for expensive single-function appliances or additional T1/MPLS links—and keeping IT in the driver’s seat for all WAN traffic, with cloud-scale analytics for easy WAN control.

Advantages of VeloCloud’s cloud-delivered WAN subscription service

  • Branch offices solve their application performance and networking problems
  • Enterprises gain vastly improved performance of their content-rich applications
  • IT can free up the time they used to spend troubleshooting branch-office communications to focus on delivering business value
  • Money typically spent on networking boxes, truck rolls, and IT support can now be spent on moving the business forward and maximizing profits


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