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Less Than 7 Days to Deploy: What do you do?

By Rosa Lear
Director of Marketing, Content
October 11, 2017

It’s just an average Wednesday at the office when you get an urgent message stating “We have a new project location in Meereen and we need it online by Monday.” Being in IT, this translates to setting up a portable trailer at the Meereen project site, equipping it as a normal branch office with a way to access the Internet and cloud applications, be able to send and receive large files, and support VoIP phone service. Oh, and to add a wrinkle, you have no idea what types of transport options are available at the project location, who are the local carriers, or if…

Using SD-WAN to Support Cloud Services and Increased Bandwidth Requirements

By Rosa Lear
Director of Marketing, Content
September 26, 2017

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the cloud is the network. It’s become more and more obvious as we see the dramatic increase in customers making the shift away from traditional systems and infrastructure to that of the cloud and the growth opportunities it offers. With its flexibility and scalability, enabling IT personnel to actually bring a vision of what the network should be to fruition. In our latest case study, we highlight Rentokil Initial, a global organization with 650 branch offices providing pest control and hygiene services. With Rentokil, people are protected from the dangers of pest-borne…

The Case for Leveraging SD-WAN to Enable Better Healthcare and Wellness Programs

By Rosa Lear
Director of Marketing, Content
September 19, 2017

The healthcare industry has evolved significantly in the last few decades. We now have much more information on what causes disease and how to identify a plethora of illnesses than ever before and providing assessment and diagnostic services to the general population becomes more and more complex. Technology quickly becomes an enabler of the health industry, allowing for connections between healthcare facilities, providing for the fast transmission and delivery of medical information, and allowing for doctors to connect to patients in easier ways. Telehealth (a HIPAA compliant telecommunications systems) has evolved to simplify a faster and more efficient way to…

Still Using a Branch Router? Maybe It’s Time to Reconsider

By Steve Woo
Co-Founder and Vice President of Products, VeloCloud
September 14, 2017

Today’s network looks and behaves very differently than networks of decades past. The days of transmitting just data or simple files across private and public networks is over and now big packet requirements that enable video and voice is commonplace. The tidal shift to cloud-delivered services and applications is the new norm and the corporate network must be enabled to support the exponential bandwidth requirements that accompany this shift. A staple of the network infrastructure has always been the branch router, installed at each remote location to route network traffic to other parts of the network or back to the…

VMworld Highlights – AWS, Full Cloud Support, and Seamless Integration

By Rachna Srivastava
Director of Product Marketing, VeloCloud
August 31, 2017

VMware held its flagship US-based event, VMworld 2017, this week in Las Vegas. VeloCloud was a sponsor, with a booth located in the exhibition hall. The event attracted over 20,000 attendees, all interested in learning more about VMware’s new releases and vision for the future. VMware and VeloCloud are long-time technology partners and recently VMware joined VeloCloud’s security partner ecosystem, as announced earlier this week. Here are a few of VeloCloud’s highlights from VMworld. Future Strategy During the VMworld keynote presentation, CEO of VMware, Patrick Gelsinger, shared VMware’s vision for shifting all users from the private cloud to the public…

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