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SD-WAN Voice Quality Monitoring (VQM)

By Michael Wood
Vice President of Marketing, VeloCloud
March 28, 2017

How do I Know That it Actually Works? SD-WAN technology offers rich benefits—you’ve heard about them already—one of the most compelling is to leverage Internet broadband economics to provide affordable branch office bandwidth. But I run voice and video traffic over my WAN, and voice quality and Internet quality are famously at odds. So how do I know that my SD-WAN compensates for this? And if there should be a problem, how do I know where it is? These are exasperating questions and many of us have extensive experience—sometimes far more than we care to discuss—in troubleshooting incidents of poor voice…

Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN solves off-net challenges

By Kangwarn Chinthammit
Director of Solutions, VeloCloud
November 3, 2015

Last week we wrapped up BroadSoft Connections 2015 in Phoenix. We had quite a few interesting conversations with Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) providers. This was our second year exhibiting here and the same business challenge of delivering UCaaS over Bring Your Own Broadband (BYOB) or Circuit (BYOC) is becoming even more common this year. The questions and concerns we heard from UCaaS providers were: We have to turn away customers because we cannot support off-net deployment We cannot support BYOB/BYOC while ensuring quality of service We are getting a lot of demand to deliver our service over the…

VeloCloud Internet Quality Report

By Kangwarn Chinthammit
Director of Solutions, VeloCloud
February 25, 2015

Internet as WAN? Viable Alternative to MPLS? Absolutely, with SD-WAN. Download: VeloCloud Internet Quality Report. As more and more enterprises move to, or adopt cloud based services to take advantage of their massive scale, flexibility and agility, they increase their reliance on using the Internet to carry business applications. In other words, the Internet is becoming an extended part of the enterprise WAN. But that raises another question…how good or bad are Internet links if enterprises were to use it to access their applications in the cloud? Helping IT decision makers with the answer to that question is the purpose…

Acclaim for VeloCloud

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