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The End of WAN Trade-offs, Finally!

By Sanjay Uppal
VP and GM of VeloCloud by VMware
July 20, 2014

Today, VeloCloud launches its subscription-based WAN service for enterprises with branch offices, finally ending the unacceptable trade-offs IT has faced between private lines and public broadband Internet links. VeloCloud’s WAN innovation is figuring out how to take advantage of all the inexpensive Internet lines readily available—but that enterprises couldn’t use for business-critical applications that require predictable bandwidth, resilience, and security. What are the branch WAN trade-offs that IT managers face? Until now, enterprises have had only two options for branch-office networking: exclusive use of leased private lines (T1 or, more recently, MPLS) or a mixture of leased lines and ordinary…

Acclaim for VeloCloud

Hear what leading enterprises are saying about VMware NSX® SD-WAN by VeloCloud™.