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SD-WAN: The New Elixir for Service Providers

By Kangwarn Chinthammit
Director of Solutions, VeloCloud
January 6, 2016

“We viewed SD-WAN as a threat to our business. We don’t like any overlay solution. It takes away the value of our network. But customers are putting pressure on us, so we really have no choice. If we don’t offer SD-WAN, our competitors will,”  said one of the Service Providers (SP) to me during our SD-WAN discussions last year. Since then, we have seen significant interest for SD-WAN  from both the incumbent and alternative SPs. In fact, there have already been several SD-WAN announcements from various SPs recently, for example: Vonage SmartWAN to Deliver Enhanced Quality of Service for Business Customers…

Modern, ‘Apple-like’ Store Experience Shouldn’t Be Held Hostage by Traditional WAN

By Sreekanth Kannan
Director of Product Marketing, VeloCloud
November 18, 2015

Market traction for Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technology,  especially in the Retail segment for VeloCloud, has been phenomenal ever since we launched our products 6 quarters ago. In a recent conversation with our sales rock stars, Nacime Karami and Bob Ashmore, we compiled a list capturing reasons why a top, popular clothing retailer chose to transform their branch network with VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN. That conversation revealed how all of the modern retail store consumer experience is held hostage by the store network. Like so much else in our modern age, Retail industry is disrupting itself on a frequent basis. Of late, it’s…

Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN solves off-net challenges

By Kangwarn Chinthammit
Director of Solutions, VeloCloud
November 3, 2015

Last week we wrapped up BroadSoft Connections 2015 in Phoenix. We had quite a few interesting conversations with Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) providers. This was our second year exhibiting here and the same business challenge of delivering UCaaS over Bring Your Own Broadband (BYOB) or Circuit (BYOC) is becoming even more common this year. The questions and concerns we heard from UCaaS providers were: We have to turn away customers because we cannot support off-net deployment We cannot support BYOB/BYOC while ensuring quality of service We are getting a lot of demand to deliver our service over the…

The Advantages of Cloud VPN

By Steve Woo
Co-Founder and Vice President of Products, VeloCloud
September 12, 2014

SD-WAN brings security to Internet connectivity Today we were asked what shifts in business needs are impacting VPN, a technology that has been around since the 1990s.  The most significant trend is the shift towards public cloud data centers and SaaS applications.  Businesses today are less inclined to buy, install and maintain their own compute resources and enterprise applications.  These businesses desire the flexibility and scalability provided by cloud delivered services that can be consumed on a pay-as-you-grow basis. So why not seek this same advantage for VPN services that most enterprises rely on?   Furthermore, since the applications and data…

The End of WAN Trade-offs, Finally!

By Sanjay Uppal
CEO and Co-Founder, VeloCloud
July 20, 2014

Today, VeloCloud launches its subscription-based WAN service for enterprises with branch offices, finally ending the unacceptable trade-offs IT has faced between private lines and public broadband Internet links. VeloCloud’s WAN innovation is figuring out how to take advantage of all the inexpensive Internet lines readily available—but that enterprises couldn’t use for business-critical applications that require predictable bandwidth, resilience, and security. What are the branch WAN trade-offs that IT managers face? Until now, enterprises have had only two options for branch-office networking: exclusive use of leased private lines (T1 or, more recently, MPLS) or a mixture of leased lines and ordinary…

Acclaim for VeloCloud

Hear what leading enterprises are saying about VeloCloud’s Cloud-Delivered SD-WANTM solution.