SD-WAN Voice Quality Monitoring (VQM)

By Michael Wood
Vice President of Marketing, VeloCloud
March 28, 2017

How do I Know That it Actually Works?

SD-WAN technology offers rich benefits—you’ve heard about them already—one of the most compelling is to leverage Internet broadband economics to provide affordable branch office bandwidth. But I run voice and video traffic over my WAN, and voice quality and Internet quality are famously at odds. So how do I know that my SD-WAN compensates for this? And if there should be a problem, how do I know where it is?

These are exasperating questions and many of us have extensive experience—sometimes far more than we care to discuss—in troubleshooting incidents of poor voice quality on IP networks. There are an abundance of moving parts: LANs, WANs, endpoints, WiFi, QoS features, compression, encryption, packet loss, delays, codecs with diverging virtues and handicaps under different conditions, and five hundred boxes and links from almost as many vendors in the path of the junky call. All I really want to know is whether voice quality on my network is good, and if it isn’t, to zoom in to solve the problem. Quickly.

Voice Quality Monitoring (VQM) is one of the many flexible services you can enable in a Velocloud Edge (VCE) device. Service insertion and virtualization to the rescue—VQM is not another box, and you don’t need to drive out to each branch in the universe to install it. One click in the VeloCloud orchestrator and the service is enabled, at the selection of sites where you want it, or all of them, and analytics start to roll into a collector with a comprehensive dashboard that gives a birds-eye, network-wide view as well as drill-down details on a specific voice call between two specific endpoints.

For more details, be sure to catch the webinar on How to Integrate Voice Quality Monitoring into SD-WAN where Fan Gu, Senior Product Manager, takes you through the architecture and service specifics of VQM in a VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered network. The VQM agent, once enabled in the VCE, does session detection, packet capture and qualitative analysis on more than 80 narrowband, wideband, and adaptive-rate codecs, and reports the resulting metrics via RFC6035 to the Collector. The Collector shows visual, real-time charts and graphs of voice quality behavior in your network, and if anything goes yellow or red, it offers a one-click drill down to the precise details to help troubleshoot the problem. And solve the problem.

Kick back and enjoy a crystal-clear voice call (for the techies among you, a high MOS score) across your SD-WAN. Yes, even over a broadband link.

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