SD-WAN – An Elastic Overlay that Stretches WAN Boundaries

By Parag Thakore
Director of Product Management and Marketing, VeloCloud
September 1, 2015

SD-WAN is a rapidly emerging technology and as vendors continue to innovate the definition will continue to evolve. During a recent thought leadership webinar VeloCloud conducted 2 polls – one for Enterprises and others for Service Providers (SPs) – about the top SD-WAN deployment considerations. Nearly 48% enterprise attendees responded indicating a desire to use Internet either as a part of Internet only or Hybrid sites. At the same time, 46% SPs responded suggesting they would like to offer revenue generating SD-WAN offerings to their customers. From these responses it was great to see a significant correlation between what enterprise accounts are seeking and what Service Providers are looking to offer to their end customers.


Hybrid WAN, which is ability to leverage both Internet and Private links, has been recently getting a lot of media attention. A true Elastic Overlay takes Hybrid WAN further and offers much better application performance for both enterprise and SaaS applications, as well as better SLA guarantees for both Internet only and Hybrid sites. It was great to see nearly 48% attendees voting to leverage Internet as a part of Branch WAN solution either as a part of a Hybrid site or as a part of Internet only branch. This implies next generation hybrid WAN architectures should not only integrate broadband but also apply technologies to give it enterprise grade performance and availability.

It is also very clear that SPs want to meet customer demands of agile and economic bandwidth expansion by offering revenue generating Hybrid SD-WAN services. SPs are also looking to offer differentiated access to their Cloud Services and want to enable end customers to connect to Cloud hosted Applications with confidence. Further SPs are looking to reduce operational costs and improve service agility by deploying VNFs on a service provider’s universal CPE. A SD-WAN whole offer solution catered to SPs should offer these options.

Gone are the days when WAN was static and a “set it and forget it” configuration methodology was acceptable. Demand for high bandwidth applications, migration to the cloud and service delivery requires a secure, agile, high performance WAN. Both Enterprise and SPs benefit from SD-WAN automation to greatly simplify operations and management, thus delivering greater business agility with faster application delivery.

Sounds like a lot? Well it is, and that’s why we are so excited about our Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN. Velocloud is purpose built to deliver these solutions to both Enterprise and SPs with simplicity at scale and that is a game changer!

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