It’s July 4th! Claim Your Independence from Network Infrastructure Constraints Today

By Michael Wood
Vice President of Marketing, VeloCloud
June 30, 2016

Throughout living memory humankind has craved independence. As the 4th of July rolls around once again, IT managers still salivate over the seemingly ever-receding promise of liberation—straining against the chains of antiquated and static network architecture and infrastructure, CPE lock-ins, best-effort Internet links performing with substandard packet loss rates, and highly complex VPN tunneling barely achieving adequate security. Not to mention the necessity for bandwidth overprovisioning to ensure decent throughput, session and flow-based routing, backhauling SaaS traffic through a data center that doesn’t host the application any longer just because that is how the pipes have always been connected and it’s way too risky to change them.

My colleague Ron Longo joined me yesterday to present a webinar, SD-WAN: The Power to Declare Network Independence. Together we discussed how to free your network of these chains and achieve the network independence you deserve. If nothing else, tap in to hear the discussion of SD-WAN overlay networks overlaid over a blues riff in E (special prize to identify that final chord!) – the original score courtesy of Ron.

We cover a lot of ground (and soaring melody) in this concisely packed 30+ minute discussion:

  • freedom for packets to flow over any link, irrespective of what session or flow they belong to
  • achieving stellar throughput and MOS score improvements to free you from the vexing reality of Internet packet loss that kills voice and blurs video
  • freedom in CPE choices from pre-packaged, to virtualized, to VM-based, and mixing and matching all of these
  • freedom from transport technologies with the VeloCloud SD-WAN overlay supporting public, private, wired, wireless, LTE, MPLS, best-effort, you-name-it pipes with thrilling new technologies to make even single-link sites gain maximum bandwidth throughput – all made possible with methods such as forward error correction, packet replications, and reassembling flows at cloud gateways
  • freedom from the complexity of static and meshed VPN tunneling—the SD-WAN automatically builds direct IaaS tunnels to exactly where they’re needed
  • freedom from the double-taxation of backhauling traffic through otherwise non-participating data centers to SaaS applications hosted elsewhere
  • freedom from the headaches of tracking software releases, interoperability, security patches, upgrades
  • freedom from static packet marking and selection to centrally-orchestrated QoS policy control that offers surgical precision to promote applications you care about and demoting ones you don’t

And so much more. Watch the free webinar. You have the freedom to do that right now!

Listen to the original soundtrack!


You Gotta be Free, You Gotta Claim your Independence!

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