How Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN Powers Service Providers

By Steve Woo
Co-Founder and Vice President of Products, VeloCloud
October 20, 2016

VeloCloud has been a pioneer in the SD-WAN market with our unique Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN solution.  VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN delivers benefits to Enterprise branches, campuses, headquarters and data centers, and uniquely extends the network to the front doorstep of cloud SaaS, IaaS destinations.

Recent press announcements are demonstrating that our Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN also provides the architecture and features needed by innovative service providers to offer SD-WAN as a managed service that is “VeloCloud Powered”.

VeloCloud’s solution for both enterprises to access the cloud and service providers to deliver managed services has, at its foundation, a fully multi-tenant and virtualized solution across the data plane, control plane and orchestration layer.  As important is a multi-tier, roles-based orchestration platform that spans the requirements from global infrastructure management and operational NOCs to channel support to self-service portals for enterprise clients.

The “VeloCloud Powered” solution for service providers supports two flavors of managed SD-WAN services  – “network integrated” or “over the top” SD-WAN – that can also be offered independently or in combination.

Network Integrated SD-WAN

VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN enables a “network integrated” or “cloud based” deployment of a managed SD-WAN solution by service providers (see Figure 1 below)


Figure 1: Network Integrated SD-WAN

In a “network integrated” solution, SD-WAN overlay edge nodes in the form of multi-tenant virtual Gateways are deployed in the service provider network and data centers.  For hosted services the Gateways are deployed at cloud datacenters and for access to private MPLS networks the Gateways are deployed at provider edge POPs.   The Orchestrator and Controllers are also deployed by the service provider either with public access or within an individual enterprise customer’s network.

The powerful benefit of this architecture and deployment is that all last mile circuits including broadband Internet have access to the private MPLS network.  Many enterprises will have existing private networks from the service provider that are valuable for SLA guaranteed transport especially across long distances.  Additionally, any enterprise sites already on the private network will be readily accessible in this hub-less SD-WAN deployment, avoiding the need for any enterprise datacenter installations.  Connectivity from the private MPLS network to selected cloud data centers can also be accessed by new SD-WAN enabled branches.

VeloCloud’s network integrated solution offers additional deployment options.  Since VeloCloud offers Gateways as a service in major cloud points of presence, service providers interested in quick time to market can leverage VeloCloud deployed Gateways securely cross connected to the provider’s private network.  Secondly, Gateways deployed by providers directly in their cloud application or network services datacenters offers end to end SD-WAN that cannot be duplicated with enterprise deployed nodes.

Over The Top SD-WAN

VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN also supports an “over the top” or “on premises” deployment of a managed SD-WAN solution by service providers (see Figure 2 below)


Figure 2: Over The Top SD-WAN

In an over the top solution, the SD-WAN overlay Edge nodes are deployed in the enterprise branches and data centers, as on-premises managed devices.

Service providers can deliver a solution to market without deploying Gateways in their network.  For enterprises, this solution extends the benefits of an SD-WAN overlay to all sites including the datacenters.

VeloCloud’s over the top solution offers benefits not available with other SD-WAN solutions.  One benefit is the enterprise clients may still access cloud hosted Gateways offered as a service.  These Gateways provide for direct breakout from branches to SaaS and IaaS, yet with the full benefit of SD-WAN extended to the doorstep of these cloud destinations.

Another benefit is that a provider can offer both this over the top as well as network integrated solutions under the same orchestration and control.  Service providers and enterprises can benefit from a seamless migration depending on shifting business needs or even deploy a combination of these two options.  So SD-WAN traffic from the branch can transit end to end over the top of the Internet, or hop onto the private MPLS network via cloud Gateways.

Managed SD-WAN Offerings

These managed SD-WAN architectures only begin to touch on the valuable services that are being planned and delivered by our service provider partners.  The delivery of SD-WAN and other network services such as security with the agility of virtualization and network based services offer further benefits to the enterprise.  Stay tuned.  The Cloud is the Network.

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