Did You Know a Rock Star Built the Home of Super Bowl 50?

By Ravi Sharma
Director of Marketing
January 25, 2016

If you haven’t heard where Super Bowl 50 will take place, Levi’s Stadium, you are probably not a sports fan. No worries, a five minute tour on Google will tell you what amazing technology “wizadry” this new, modern stadium represents including free Wi-Fi for all, with 2,000 access points (40Gbps), so every seat holder can have high-speed access for all the cool apps they can use during a game, from on-demand food and drink ordering to bathroom wait times.

But let’s digress for a minute. As you know large facility construction, like that for sports stadiums, are notorious for going over schedule and, over budget. In the case of Levi Stadium that was simply not an option for the City of Santa Clara as they headed toward Super Bowl 50.  In plain terms, no leeway for any problems, or slips.Levis_Construction

It is quite a feat, and rare indeed, for any standard, big facility to be built on time. But add to that the complexity of building the “greenest” stadium (The Levi’s stadium project is a LEED Gold award winner) with all kinds of new technological bells and whistles and the fact it was built in a busy city area, without major disruptions to the city’s day to day activities, population and visitors. Devcon Construction, as they are known to do, overcame all these tough challenges and pulled off building this technologically most modern, state-of-the art stadium, on time, and within budget.

You could safely say, that Devcon is known for pulling off amazing big construction challenges. But listen to just one of many challenges they ran into. It’s a doozy.

On one side the stadium building site was a creek, and on the other there was Great America Parkway, and much to their surprise absolutely no copper wire for the Internet access  (private or public). They were told that it would take minimum three months to run the copper wire through the ground to service thousands of workers who had to coordinate efforts, starting with downloading blueprints, spec documents and schedules. It gets better, some of those workers had to use various mobile devices to access secured networks and connecting to various online collaboration platforms to work together.

So no copper wire for the Internet with no time to lay copper wire and with a large group of folks with a need to constantly download huge blueprints, and to collaborate via secure connections. You had the ingredients for a major technological challenge for their IT folks.

Devcon being Devcon had a solution. They created a hodge-podge of LTE and various wireless connections to get around this challenge of challenges.  Though it worked to compensate for no wire, it was very very painful. You can just visualize the poor IT guy who had to run around and make this work day in and day out.

If this nail-biting story doesn’t prove Devcon is the rock star of construction companies, nothing will. So you can imagine how we here at VeloCloud felt when this “rock star” called us up to find a better solution for creating a virtual network.

And though we’re not completely sure they used VeloCloud for the Levi’s Stadium per se, we are sure, because they have told us, they are pretty jazzed about being able to get out of the cobbling-LTE-connection-together business.

SPRINGSTEEN_MAGIC_5X5_site-500x500With Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN, VeloCloud is one of many on Devcon’s list of technology wonders. What a great list to be on. It’s like if Bruce Springsteen called us to tell us he wants to use our SD-WAN for his recording studio in Shangri-La. (No Bruce doesn’t have a recording studio in Shangri-La, and he didn’t call.)

You could say we’re excited, honored and pumped up for Super Bowl 50.

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