A Case for Replacing MPLS with SD-WAN: Customer Story

By Rosa Lear
Director of Marketing, Content
August 16, 2017

Image_CaseStudy_StoltNielsenThe flexibility inherent in a cloud-delivered SD-WAN offers customers multiple deployment models such as Over The Top (OTT), a hybrid of broadband and MPLS or other existing transport, or fully broadband. While there is no one right answer for all, most will choose a hybrid architecture because of the investment in an existing MPLS infrastructure or for an additional layer of redundancy. Increasingly, customers are choosing to eliminate their dependency on the established backbone and migrate to a full broadband dependent SD-WAN platform.

One such case is Stolt-Nielsen, a leading global provider of integrated transportation, storage, and distribution solutions for chemicals and other bulk-liquid products employing over 2,200 people located globally in over 40 central and branch offices.

Stolt-Nielsen was facing the upcoming renewal of its existing MPLS contract with an established European service provider, leading to internal analysis of its current and future networking demands and whether MPLS would be enough to support a technological evolution. Determining that the current network would be unable to scale to support a shift in corporate dependency on cloud applications and services (such as Office365, Skype for Business, and file replication) while providing the same level of experience to all branches and offices, Stolt-Nielsen began evaluating alternative solutions.

After careful evaluation of all available options, including the incumbent provider and a continuation of the existing MPLS contract, Stolt-Nielsen decided to move forward with Videns IT Services as their solution provider and VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN as a replacement to the existing MPLS infrastructure.

“With VeloCloud, our users immediately saw benefits in terms of better performance and user-experience. Happy users is a very important metric for us,” said Daan Muizer, Global Operations Manager, Stolt-Nielsen.

To read the full case study that discusses the following, click here.

  • Challenges
  • Selection process
  • Migration process
  • Results following SD-WAN implementation

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