Architecture Matters – Which SD-WAN is right for you?

By Michael Wood
Vice President of Marketing, VeloCloud
August 1, 2016

SD-WAN Architecture… Oh, You Mean There’s More Than One?

By now, everyone gets the Traditional WAN, Hybrid WAN, SD-WAN thing. There’s ample talk in the industry about WAN trends. But are all SD-WANs created equal? Not so fast! An evaluation of the landscape could come in really handy.

WAN architecture continues to morph and evolve influenced by new technologies, as well as the necessary practicality of incremental migration. Think of this as along two axes: from an on-premise to a cloud-based architecture in one dimension; and in the other dimension from a point product to a comprehensive SD-WAN offering.

SD-WAN Architecture LandscapeIndustry analyst Jim Metzler covers the pros and cons of each of these somewhat-overlapping architectures in considerable detail in the SD-WAN: Architecture Matters webinar. The more traditional architectures — on-premises, single-function, point-product — serve well in hub-and-spoke networks, and provide high-compression, high-optimization traffic delivery to an enterprise data center. They struggle with complexity and cloud integration. A middle-mile solution optimizes the core, but neglects performance improvement, and simplification of management and branch reach. Some pure-play SD-WANs achieve a slice of the promised land in centralized policy and orchestration, VPN simplification, and link use improvements, but  still strain to truly and efficiently integrate with a cloud world. The Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN architecture offers all the benefits of a typical pure-play SD-WAN and additionally enables flexible, secure and  elegant cloud migration and integration.


To decide what’s best for your situation, evaluate all these architectures against your SD-WAN requirements—covered in more detail by Steve Woo in the SD-WAN Architecture Choices Deep Dive webinar—including simplicity and manageability, application performance, bandwidth and transport costs, ease of cloud migration, services delivery, and flexibility in deployment.

VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN, as an example, provides an architecture that elegantly addresses all three scenarios; cloud-centric, on premises centric, or a combination of both, to serve the specific needs of different verticals. Flexibility matters, and…

Yes, architecture matters!

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